Common IOS 9 Issues Faced By Consumers

Trouble with regard to turning on Cellular Data
The latest IOS is having a quite a few problems with the IOS where the cellular data is not turning on for some apps. It applies to a few apps and therefore can’t be taken as a major issue but nevertheless it is an issue and therefore the issues needs to be paid attention to and give due concern.

Bluetooth Connection Issues
Sometimes the Bluetooth connection which is connected from apple devices to apple devices only would be another serious issue that creates a significant importance. The issue is considered to be occurred randomly for no reason and therefore believed that it is a factory fault which needs to be amended after release. Some people might feel that this can be fixed through network unlocking although this can be only solved with a new IOS update sent from Apple Inc. itself.
Notification Sound Disappearance
One of the most common issues that take place is this issue. Precisely the issue is where the notification sounds randomly goes off and leads to a behaviour which is equal to a mute situation. However, when the profiles are checked it’s unmuted as usual and suddenly the sound disappears as such. This could be to a number of possible reasons. The most obvious reasons could be an accidently turned on mute, or probably the “do not disturb” option which automatically enables mute as a primary function of the feature.

Spotlight search doesn’t include contacts
Another issue that has occurred commonly is the misplacement of contacts being included in the spotlight search. It could be due to one common reason which is that the spotlight search controls have been deactivated for some apps which makes only the chosen apps to be viewed as results in a sport light search.

Consistent Drops in Facetime Calls
One of the biggest and most annoying problems apple users face so far. Imagine how you would feel if a normal voice call gets disconnected while you are in the middle of an important conversation? Now imagine the same thing happening while you are in a video call? It’s one of the most irritating feels ever. The only way to fix this without leading professionals of mobile to iPhone Repair is that you could use another video calling app to ensure that the problem is specific to Facetime only. If the case seems to happen in all apps, check the availability and strength in your Wi-Fi connection as well as a factory reset would also be a possible solution. However, looking at the above discussion, it is clear that apple mobiles have a much greater number of issues though we choose it to be the best.